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Skip Your Summer With This Simple Tips

Summer means rise in temperature in the environment. Causing discomfort to body, sweat, heat which are un avoidable problems. People relax before fans, ACs, under trees. Most of the minerals and salts are dehydrated due to excess heat in the environment. Loss of energy is also seen where we feel irritated and exhausted. Due to sun’s radiation, skin turns unhealthy as a result of loss of moisture. Following few easy tips; we can pass this summer happily.

To retain water in the body; it is necessary to take water rich fruits such as papaya, water melon, musk melon etc.

Take a tumbler full of water and add a tea spoon of soda to that. We can use soda available in ice cream parlors too. But take only a glass a day because excess use of soda leads to weakening of bones.  

Take water before routine exercises so that you can have a fresh feel and oxygen consumption will be more.
Take more water before starting your journey and better to carry a wet towel along with you.  

Wet tissues available in mediacl stores give you good relief. It’s better to have a small pack of wet tissues to cleanse your face whenever you feel hot and dirt.

Should take adequate water before starting the meals. This reduces the over heat in the body. Taking water before meals helps you to take enough food. Additionally you won’t feel thirst while eating. If you want to take water after meals; maintain a gap of at least one hour.

Carry a water bottle wherever you go. It’s better to plan a journey with a rule that water bottle is a compulsory thing. Taking water frequently helps in maintaining temperature. It prevents the rise in temperature.

If you get bored in taking regular water, you can add flavor to water for additional taste. One can use Vanilla, Mango, Orange flavors according to their tastes. This accelerates thirst so that you will drink more water.

Over dose is harmful for anyone. So take water in measured quantity in intervals instead of filling stomach at a time.

Taking sports drinks helps in retaining minerals from body. It prevents dehydration and restores Sodium, Potassium in the body which is evaporated due to high radiation. So better to take drinks enriched with sodium, potassium etc. 

Getting early in the morning and health jog around 6 am gives your body toned appearance and maintains health. This helps body to gain oxygen in pleasant atmosphere and body will get moisture due to oxidation which gives a fresh feel for few hours. 
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