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Will Kajal Act Nude On-Screen ?

It's known to all that the gorgious kajal Agarwal got papularity and good fame with her acting skills and talent. At present kajal is busy with shooting in Sardhar Gabbar Singh and first time pairing with Power Star Pawan Kalyan under direction of Bobby.

From the latest buzz.. recently Kajal got offer from bollywood and that too with big producer and Hero. Undoubtedly she accepted the offer as they mentioned with high remuneration too.
After that , producer given shok to Kajal with nude scenes in the new project. He asked her to act as nude in 2 to 3 scenes in that film. Also said that they shoot only from back part and tried to convince Kajal with that naration. 
But, Kajal fired on producer and said 'don't come with this type of nude scenes and scripts', also rejected the offer from that producer.

Now, the point is..who is that producer? , Only kajal knows that and she has to reveal. let us see what will happen.